Our Mission

We inspire and facilitate you in the ancient science of yoga and modern healthy lifestyles to:

  • transform the experience into a unique journey of self-discovery
  • show how beautiful, vibrant and peaceful you are.

Core Values

Integrated: Dedication to different styles of yoga from vinyasa, hatha, deep stretch, gentle, or Yin embracing both traditional and modern poses.

Friendly: Creation of a safe, fun and friendly neighborhood studio.
You don’t need to be experienced because we all have to start somewhere. We are all beautiful to the people that matter to us so it doesn’t matter about having the perfect body for everyone – it doesn’t exist. Young or old, flexible or inflexible we aim to help all feel young and flexible. Here is a place for everyone.

Unique: Provision of private or semi-private classes that meet individual needs and goals. The focus is on everyone’s growth using a professional teaching method.

Different: Understanding yoga is life – and life for some of you life is yoga. To enrich your social life and yoga experience we invite you to an “Olde English or Chinese tea gathering” after each class in we can all get to know each other better.

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           母女关系是世间最亲密和复杂的关系之一。《母亲与女兒:生活、爱和终身学习》的作者Suzanne W.  及Christine G.博士,向我们提供了一本探索从婴儿到生命结束,母女关系变化和成长的著作,理解这些关系可能具有挑战性、令人不安,但却受益匪浅。            美国University of Georgia一項最新研究揭示,比起其他任何家庭环境因素“母女关系決定了孩子未來的人际关系以及自信心”。


         生理期间的瑜伽练习是一个颇有争议的议题。 “Yoga is more than just a workout—it’s actually a combination of four components: postures (like tree pose), breathing practices, deep relaxation, and meditation that can transform your health on many different levels.”          哈佛大学医学院专家认为:“瑜伽不仅仅是一种运动,它实际是集动作、呼吸练习、深度放松和冥想的整合, 从而在不同层面上改善健康。”进一步的研究指出,适宜的瑜伽练习对经期有益。

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