Top 5 challenges yoga resolves for home workers & homemakers

Wow, finally I join the growing numbers of remote workers choosing the work from home lifestyle. What luxury eh?  Get up later. No rush hour travel or that big decision what colour dress or tie to wear – just stay in my pyjamas.   Dial in to staff meetings, sat on the sofa and painting my nails whilst participating.

After the honeymoon was over I quickly found some surprising challenges working from home. Here is my top 5:

  1. Loneliness

Looking through my home office window watching people pass by I realize, sometimes I am at risk of isolation and loneliness. No colleagues to share news, have coffee, or lunch with anymore. No one comments on your new dress or new hairstyle.

  1. Boundaries

It’s easy for work and life balance to become one. One minute it’s a teleconference and next it’s housework. It can feel you are always on the go be it for work or household chore. Gone is the finish at 5 as often working hours continue after dinner and sometimes even midnight. It becomes easier to forget to relax and have fun unlike being in the office when you had a start and end time.

  1. Focuses

Firstly, it usually takes a while to alternate between work and life events when working from home. Secondly, it is so easy to get distracted in the home. A passing friend pops in not understanding that work from home means you still have to work. There are household chores, my dog’s begging to play, and snack food. You become the neighbour watch who monitors suspicious activity on your street.

  1. Motivation

Out of site is out of mind. Out of your teams sights it is easy to become isolated – and if you are not careful forgotten. You and your team will not know when you need to motivate each other and one or more of the team may become disengaged.  Organizations can increase productivity using many methods and activities but when you work remote it becomes your responsibility.

  1. Stay home mums encounter more challenges

In addition to the above, one of the biggest challenges for stay home mums is lack of job satisfaction for themselves among these endless household chores, looking after kids and family.

Obviously, we see the need to care for our mental, physical, spiritual, and health needs when we work from home and yoga provides these important ingredients. Not only that but yoga combines socialising, and exercise. A regular class adds structure to your day and your week putting a boundary between work and life.

I have learnt from my experience that variety is the spice of life, and not to take life to seriously. It is because of this my Vinyasa flow class is a playful class of 10 sessions. Each session has a different theme and the class is over four weeks

Like most yoga classes we help improve flexibility, strength and balance, but we do so within the bounds of your abilities, needs, and requirements.

We cultivate mindfulness by shifting awareness to sensations, thoughts, and emotions. This will help you boost energy, manage stress, focus, relax, and yoga social yea that accompany a carefully designed pose or sequence.

Each class is a step to transform the experience into a unique journey of self-discovery that show how beautiful, vibrant and peaceful you are.

So my dear work from home friends, remote workers, teleworkers, homemakers, stay at home mums – or whatever name we call ourselves it is time for us to stretch, socialize, and laugh together on and off the mat.


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