Inspiring yoga practice for period

Yoga practice during your period is a controversial issue.

“Yoga is more than just a workout—it’s actually a combination of four components: postures (like tree pose), breathing practices, deep relaxation, and meditation that can transform your health on many different levels.” – Harvard Medical School experts.

Further study indicates that going to yoga may actually help us feel better.

Menstrual cycles affect our energy, mood, and stamina. At this time it is particularly useful to explore and look within, listen to our bodies, and therefore culture inner strength. Thus, we have designed a yoga sequence for period practice within the three focuses.

  1. Pranayama

More and more yogis know that the importance of breathing. This Sanskrit word can be broken down into “Prana” and “Ayama”. “Prana” means life force while “ayama” means to extend. Therefore, yoga breathing means the art of learning to extend your life force through breath.

Gentle and deep breathing exercises during the period helps to balance the emotions and calm the mind. It can also help one to deal with any pain and connect one inner side

  1. Forward Bends

We have created forward bend sequences that carefully give a light massage to the abdominal and pelvic region, helping to relieve congestion, heaviness, cramping and heavy bleeding.

  1. Back Bends & supine

Again we have put a great effort to create supported backbend and supine sequences that can alleviate back pain and pelvic discomfort.

Ultimately, whether you do yoga during your period is a personal choice. You should avoidInversions and some strong postures.

Music is a way that can reach the context.   At this moment, we choose yoga music related peaceful moon, guiding us a journey of smooth, tranquility and joy.

Period are inevitable; however, we don’t complain but open our arms and embrace it. Yoga practice sometimes means discovery positive attitude about life.



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