How to welcome in 2020?

Many people do special things during New Year celebrations – champagne, fancy costumes, bells in Times Square, and more as we believe that the way you spend New Year’s sets the tone for the coming year.

Are you looking for a more profound way to welcome in the New Year? Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, let us meet each other at the mat.

Cherish this important moment; Inhale-to honor what came in 2018, and exhale-to let it go. Thus importantly we invite the wisdom of yoga practice to meet the New Year, and New You.

We have carefully designed a New Year yoga series, mainly including the following themes:

  • Open mind & Smooth flow
  • Self Reflection & Let it go
  • Intentions & New goals
  • Cultivate Energy & Strength
  • Breathe & Medication

Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self -The Bhagavad Gita

The current rapid development, high-tech and high-G information have led to us being fragmented, lonely and depressed.  Yoga seems to heal the anxiety of this era.

It sounds too simple?  I don’t believe in miracles.   Why don’t you take action and call Ally 647 501 3960.  Welcome 2019 with mindfulness yoga flow and start your happiness journey!


           母女关系是世间最亲密和复杂的关系之一。《母亲与女兒:生活、爱和终身学习》的作者Suzanne W.  及Christine G.博士,向我们提供了一本探索从婴儿到生命结束,母女关系变化和成长的著作,理解这些关系可能具有挑战性、令人不安,但却受益匪浅。

           美国University of Georgia一項最新研究揭示,比起其他任何家庭环境因素“母女关系決定了孩子未來的人际关系以及自信心”。 Continue Reading

Inspiring yoga practice for period

Yoga practice during your period is a controversial issue.

“Yoga is more than just a workout—it’s actually a combination of four components: postures (like tree pose), breathing practices, deep relaxation, and meditation that can transform your health on many different levels.” – Harvard Medical School experts.

Further study indicates that going to yoga may actually help us feel better.

Menstrual cycles affect our energy, mood, and stamina. At this time it is particularly useful to explore and look within, listen to our bodies, and therefore culture inner strength. Thus, we have designed a yoga sequence for period practice within the three focuses.

  1. Pranayama

More and more yogis know that the importance of breathing. This Sanskrit word can be broken down into “Prana” and “Ayama”. “Prana” means life force while “ayama” means to extend. Therefore, yoga breathing means the art of learning to extend your life force through breath.

Gentle and deep breathing exercises during the period helps to balance the emotions and calm the mind. It can also help one to deal with any pain and connect one inner side

  1. Forward Bends

We have created forward bend sequences that carefully give a light massage to the abdominal and pelvic region, helping to relieve congestion, heaviness, cramping and heavy bleeding.

  1. Back Bends & supine

Again we have put a great effort to create supported backbend and supine sequences that can alleviate back pain and pelvic discomfort.

Ultimately, whether you do yoga during your period is a personal choice. You should avoidInversions and some strong postures.

Music is a way that can reach the context.   At this moment, we choose yoga music related peaceful moon, guiding us a journey of smooth, tranquility and joy.

Period are inevitable; however, we don’t complain but open our arms and embrace it. Yoga practice sometimes means discovery positive attitude about life.





“Yoga is more than just a workout—it’s actually a combination of four components: postures (like tree pose), breathing practices, deep relaxation, and meditation that can transform your health on many different levels.”

         哈佛大学医学院专家认为:“瑜伽不仅仅是一种运动,它实际是集动作、呼吸练习、深度放松和冥想的整合, 从而在不同层面上改善健康。”进一步的研究指出,适宜的瑜伽练习对经期有益。 Read more


         我终于加入了近年来的流行趋势,在家办公的生活方式。 不需早起,不需高峰时间旅行,更不需要每天为选择穿何种时装而伤脑筋。只是呆在家里,穿着睡衣,坐在舒适的沙发上,一边玩弄指甲一边办公,好不奢华。


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Top 5 challenges yoga resolves for home workers & homemakers

Wow, finally I join the growing numbers of remote workers choosing the work from home lifestyle. What luxury eh?  Get up later. No rush hour travel or that big decision what colour dress or tie to wear – just stay in my pyjamas.   Dial in to staff meetings, sat on the sofa and painting my nails whilst participating.

After the honeymoon was over I quickly found some surprising challenges working from home. Here is my top 5:

  1. Loneliness

Looking through my home office window watching people pass by I realize, sometimes I am at risk of isolation and loneliness. No colleagues to share news, have coffee, or lunch with anymore. No one comments on your new dress or new hairstyle.

  1. Boundaries

It’s easy for work and life balance to become one. One minute it’s a teleconference and next it’s housework. It can feel you are always on the go be it for work or household chore. Gone is the finish at 5 as often working hours continue after dinner and sometimes even midnight. It becomes easier to forget to relax and have fun unlike being in the office when you had a start and end time.

  1. Focuses

Firstly, it usually takes a while to alternate between work and life events when working from home. Secondly, it is so easy to get distracted in the home. A passing friend pops in not understanding that work from home means you still have to work. There are household chores, my dog’s begging to play, and snack food. You become the neighbour watch who monitors suspicious activity on your street.

  1. Motivation

Out of site is out of mind. Out of your teams sights it is easy to become isolated – and if you are not careful forgotten. You and your team will not know when you need to motivate each other and one or more of the team may become disengaged.  Organizations can increase productivity using many methods and activities but when you work remote it becomes your responsibility.

  1. Stay home mums encounter more challenges

In addition to the above, one of the biggest challenges for stay home mums is lack of job satisfaction for themselves among these endless household chores, looking after kids and family.

Obviously, we see the need to care for our mental, physical, spiritual, and health needs when we work from home and yoga provides these important ingredients. Not only that but yoga combines socialising, and exercise. A regular class adds structure to your day and your week putting a boundary between work and life.

I have learnt from my experience that variety is the spice of life, and not to take life to seriously. It is because of this my Vinyasa flow class is a playful class of 10 sessions. Each session has a different theme and the class is over four weeks

Like most yoga classes we help improve flexibility, strength and balance, but we do so within the bounds of your abilities, needs, and requirements.

We cultivate mindfulness by shifting awareness to sensations, thoughts, and emotions. This will help you boost energy, manage stress, focus, relax, and yoga social yea that accompany a carefully designed pose or sequence.

Each class is a step to transform the experience into a unique journey of self-discovery that show how beautiful, vibrant and peaceful you are.

So my dear work from home friends, remote workers, teleworkers, homemakers, stay at home mums – or whatever name we call ourselves it is time for us to stretch, socialize, and laugh together on and off the mat.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and thanks to our current & future friends for your support.

If I could tell Santa what to give you, it would be happiness and peace, plus yoga, yoga, yoga.

Therefore, we offer a special free yoga class; Please make an appointment with Ally.



         为此,我们在节日期间,特别安排一免费瑜伽课,请与Ally预约, 名额有限。


Yoga and Goddess

I’m not sure when yoga became a fashion trend, so much so that the media diligently write about it. One celebrity doing yoga at home and who easily gives the impression of being a goddess; Meghan Markle, His Royal Highness Prince Harry’s girlfriend, looks stunning, hot, and a fine figure, whose good genes come from her mother-a Yoga instructor….

In order to get more readers, the media favors eye-catching cool and advanced poses and some yogis have started to pursue these very challenging styles too. Some yoga images have been edited to show the body in better shape than it is – I.e. flatter belly and back bend. This has resulted in some new yoga practitioners wishing to pursue these gorgeous poses as fast as buying LV bags.

I am often asked, “Does practicing yoga make you feel like a goddess, and how long can we reach this goal?”

My dear friends, to me yoga is a way of life, a philosophy and lifestyle. If we do not really understand the true meaning of yoga, how can we begin this journey?

Yoga originated in India circa 3000 B.C. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, an early Indian yoga scholar, is considered to be the earliest yoga classic of ancient Indian philosophy.

Patanjali expounds on exactly what yoga is and how to attain it or practice it. His method, called Ashtanga Yoga, refers to eight limbs of yoga – as in limbs on a tree.

Yoga has become increasingly popular outside of India and in so many widely varying cultures, and the practice has a variety of schools. However, I have become more pious about yoga Sutra through my years of yoga practice. I have kept thinking on the true meaning of yoga and the implications of eight limbs of yoga.

This is a gradual process. I do feel it a bit challenging but to clarify here I have attached a chart that I would normally use as a management accountant in the hope of expressing it more clearly (see the attached table: (Study Note on Eight Limbs of Yoga).

Like some of yoga practitioners, my initial recognition of yoga stayed on Stage 1. Seriously practice various styles, pay attention to breathing, and enjoy meditation. However, there are some limitations in exploring ways to achieve the unity and tranquility of yoga.

Training as a yoga teacher was the first time I heard of the concept of eight limbs of yoga . The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali guides that the sincere practitioner begins their commitment to the Yoga practice by observing the yamas and niyamas, moral restraints, and observations. These common spiritual traditions include no-violence, truthfulness, no stealing, no lust, no possessiveness, and purity, contentment, austerity, self-study, and surrender of personal desires and ego to Divine Spirit.

Once the body has been prepared through asana and pranayama, the practitioner is ready to move to a more inward experience of Yoga with pratyahara, the withdrawal from the senses. The nervous system has been further purified with a continued practice of pranayama, and habitual mental patterning may have become more passive at this point. So, begins the exploration into inner consciousness that is dharana or focused concentration.

Dharana leads into dhyana, or the deeply meditative state, where the meditator becomes absorbed fully into the experience of the object of focus. The very blessed and ardent practitioner may move into the state of samadhi, complete absorption into the Divine.

No doubt knowing the Yoga Sutra as to have a key for the yoga practice. Each of these limbs offers guidance on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Therefore, how to apply yoga philosophy to asana practice and beyond. Stage 3 is my personal studying notes; I am still on the road.

What does It fell like to be a Goddess? Ernest Miller Hemingway, an American novelist, short story writer, and journalist defines true nobility well. “There is nothing noble in being superior to some other man. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.”

In my class, other than stressing on the combination of breath and movement, I would also like to share yoga philosophy, inspire students to bring the insight and awareness of yoga into everyday life. As yoga gets internalized in life, the spiritual side of yoga can then slowly be accessed from within.

“Namaste” each time with warm greetings, I may see the changes in students, such as improve their physical condition, become better shape and looking much fresher, especially the self-confidence smiles. This is the best reward for me. Together we achieved a bit of “Samadhi” Happiness.

If you still insist to ask me how long can we reach this goal? I prefer Pattabhi Jois’ words – “practice and all is coming”.




         我与同学Mary 约了有半年的时间,今天终于就坐在万锦于人村星巴克咖啡店。看着匆匆赶来的Mary, 我不由地感叹:“现代人的生活最缺少的是一份难得的片刻宁静。” Mary大笑道:“文艺范儿, 又来了,Ally 你看起来总是面色红润,精神饱满, 用什么高档美容、保健品? “谢谢,我从来不用任何特殊美容、保健品,不上美容院。” Mary咋咋眼:“有什么秘笈, 一定招来?” “其实很简单, 瑜伽和茶是年轻的保养品。”        

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