Stay young with yoga and tea

My classmate Mary and I finally sat in Starbucks in Unionville Markham after planning to meet for six months. Mary rushed here and I commented "The most challenging thing for our modern life is to have a quiet moment" Mary laughed “My God, literature again, oh Ally, you always look energetic and healthy with a nice skin. … Continue reading Stay young with yoga and tea

Opening Day/开幕日

Thank you to all of you who joined us on the opening day, we were very honored. Thank you very much! We hope to meet you in our class again! 非常荣幸嘉宾们光临5月26日的启幕日, 在此诚谢各位的惠顾!希望不久再次相见,瑜伽、茗茶,修炼和发现最好的自己!  

5月26日,YuDu 瑜伽工作室启幕

5月26日,YuDu 瑜伽工作室启幕。第一天课程免费,试营业期间30% 折扣。名额有限,预约倒计时…… 那么这家瑜伽工作室有何特色? 环境优美、舒适干净、放松如家, 中西相融、分别以英文和普通话授课, 呵护每一位客户,所有课程均以半私人或小班进行, 课程1-2小时,后一小时茗茶,与瑜伽路上的朋友聊天,Yummy。  如何加入这家温馨而专业的瑜伽会所? 提前沟通交流,预约订制。位置有限,请尽快联系Ally讨论你的需求和计划。并请联系Ally 预约第一天免费课程。  谁是瑜伽教师哪? Ally系一名注册的瑜伽教师(RYT),毕业于北美瑜伽联盟专业教师培训课程。练习瑜伽十几年, 崇尚健康的生活方式。她诚邀你分享她的瑜伽旅程,共同修炼。  5/26日程如下: 12:00-13:00 瑜伽基础-Ally (普通话) 13:00-14:00 茗茶、小食(普通话)