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What is Dao Yoga?

  • Dao Yoga is a practice series created by Ally. It utilizes the wisdom of ancient Chinese Taoist philosophies combined with the Chinese Meridian discipline to practice modern yoga. The class usually starts with one form of Tai Chi as the theme (Yang & YIn).  This is then followed by dynamic yoga flow (Yang), and passive Yin Yoga targeting the meridians and internal organs.  The final best part it is mindfulness meditation.
  • It is influenced by Daoist’s main theory that harmony and health are created when the Yang and Yin aspects are in balance. Dao Yoga emphasizes the exploration of one’s true natural awareness of body, mind and heart.  It can heal current anxieties and meet our health needs at physical, physiological, and Qi-energetic levels.
  • “大道至简” Laozi said the way to achieve great deed is usually the simplest way. Thus, Dao Yoga will guide us into the Taoist ’s inner journey of tranquility and joy. We feel good to practice yoga, not it looks good.

Why Dao Yoga

  • Taoist’s main concept the Harmony and health are created when Yang and Yin aspects are in balance.
  • “Huang Di Nei Jing”(The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor): The human health,the heavens &  the earth, and the four seasons use the same pattern according to yin and yang attributes as does the Chinese meridian application.
  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), pain is relieved with improved blood circulation.  If our meridians are blocked there will be a series of illnesses. The meridians are a concept in TCM (also called channel network) that conduct the life-energy throughout the body known as “qi” flows.  There are 14 main meridians connecting the internal organs of the human body.
  • Most types of yoga today are active practice, emphasize alignment and muscle stretching, work only half of our body -Yang tissues; additionally, our current busy lifestyles are mostly dynamic –Yang aspects.
  • Ally has experienced many years of yoga practices and teaching.  Once she feels lack of full connection of body, mind and spirit .She asks herself “How can I do better?” Excellenceisnotanactbutahabit,this is her learningfrom the MBA accreditation.  She started to explore Yin yoga and also inspired byTai Ji ‘s practice .  Why should I blend them together as a creative person in nature?
  • Yin Yoga emphasizes the relaxation of the whole body as it works at deeper levels of the body/mind/spirit.  It focuses on the other half or our body –Yin tissues, ligaments, joints, nerves and qi flow of the meridians.   DaoYogaachieves the ultimate goal of Dao‘s harmony journey of Yin / Yang balance-selfrealization.