Postnatal Yoga

Postpartum yoga is considered to the best choice for a new mommy’s recovery due to many physical and mental benefits.  Therefore, these new moms can’t wait to return to the class.

  • Firstly, in the course we learn the concept of healthy pelvic floor muscles and rectus abdominals. We respect each mum’s individual experience of pregnancy, birth, and her recovery journey to tailor and design courses in a supportive and friendly environment.
  • Secondly, classes focus on breathing techniques and guided meditation which helps new moms to be physically and mentally stimulated, good for breast feeding, and to avoid postpartum depression, physical recovery, insomnia, emotional changes caused by hormonal imbalance and the challenges of caring for newborns.
  • Classes mainly help the recovery of core muscles, improve abdominal, hip and perinatal & pelvic looseness etc.; relieves postpartum discomfort and pain such as neck, shoulders, back and legs; provides progressive cultivation mode to revitalise yourself, feel energised and back to your self once more.
  • Classes are best for new mums 6 weeks after birth 6, or 6 months after a C-section with approval from your do